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Creating surreal realism through a lens is not everybody’s cup of team, but is our specialty. From an array of different styles of photography, Z haus helps your inner-persona shine through with a twist that is both professional yet intriguing, giving you that edge whether for personal use or professional.There are few people in the world who has a believe in their being in all it’s true senses, for rare among them Art is the name of living and challenging themselves with. Nasir Rauf has it all with his professionalism and artistic eye. Even as a child, Nasir was fascinated by the world of photography. He took that passion further and is now the pioneer and founder of his company.

With degrees in advertising and Fine Arts, for him photography is a way of life. His photographs posses a unique identity and are best described as a digital painting on a digital canvas, and art is what he paints with his camera.

His experience in the world of photography is stretched through 14 years, not limited to only clicking the buttons but also teaching it on a university level as a Lecturer and Trainer in University of Peshawar and IQRA University.

Nasir has extensive experience of working with international brands like Pure Gold, KFC, Damas, Gourmet House, Emirates Gold, DAMAC Properties, UN, Aigner & many more.



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