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Celebrity makeup artists, internationally acclaimed photographers, designers and media personnel to take care of all your branding and event needs.

Zeenat Jaffer
Managing Director & 
Head Makeup Artist



Winner of 'Gr8 Woman Awards 2017'

Winner of 'Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021' - Best Makeup 

Winner of 'Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2022' - Best Makeup Service Provider

Zeenat Jaffer is a professional makeup artist, trainer and fashion shoot visualiser, with an industry experience of over 10 years. With her natural sense of style and creativity, she has worked with assorted multinational brands from all over the world using European, Asian and Arabic styling.

Apart from her list of celebrity clientele and her Training Academy in Dubai, she has provided her  ervices to various brands. Her extensive portfolio includes but is not limited to the following WPO Fashion show Dubai.

* Venus Televisions 5th Anniversary Fashion Show London
* New Jersey Designer Zara Saeed Fashion Show London
* German Stock Photo Shoot - Brand cannot be disclosed at this juncture
* Make up and Styling for Maryaj Products Icon and Maven ,
* Make up and styling for swiss watch brand Cyril Ratel's catalogue shoot and advertising campaign
* Bollywood Movie Sultanat Dubai
* Zee Cine Awards Dubai

Aryan Khan

The creative entrepreneur who co founded Z-Haus brought together a diverse and pro active team of talented people to do anything and everything creative under it's banner. 

His vision is to head a company that offers a wide variety of creative services from makeup, photography,  branding, to organising your event. 

Aryan, himself, is a multi talented visionary with the background in modelling and photography. He also has a book published to his credits. 

Nasir Rauf
Head Photographer & Owner of Nasir Rauf Media Productions

There are few people in the world who has a believe in their being in all it’s true senses, for rare among them Art is the name of living and challenging themselves with. Nasir Rauf has it all with his professionalism and artistic eye. Even as a child, Nasir was fascinated by the world of photography. He took that passion further and is now the pioneer and founder of his company.

With degrees in advertising and Fine Arts, for him photography is a way of life. His photographs posses a unique identity and are best described as a digital painting on a digital canvas, and art is what he paints with his camera.
His experience in the world of photography is stretched through 14 years, not limited to only clicking the buttons but also teaching it on a university level as a Lecturer and Trainer in University of Peshawar and IQRA University.

Nasir has extensive experience of working with international brands like Pure Gold, KFC, Damas, Gourmet House, Emirates Gold, DAMAC Properties, UN, Aigner & many more.

Zamin Dharsi
Art Director (Dubai)

I work with clients to ensure their brand connects with their audience by providing insights as to their culture and a holistic understanding of what their needs are. I then use these insights to provide strategic planning for brands, campaigns, products and research.

I am a hybrid strategic thinker and visual designer who places a strong emphasis on human research.

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