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The Z Haus creative team works hard every day to ensure that your business is as stylish as todays’ leading competitive brand: making you a player on the table. With strategic insights and real-world results: our creative business is more than just making you look pretty. Our Internationally acclaimed team lead by Zamin Dharsi is on the forefront of creating trends in graphics, business and fashion. With a portfolio that stretches from Guess Jeans to Porsche, and everything in between, we work to ensure that your company emulates the creative vision that you do, helping you reach that imminent position at the top of the business ladder.

The services offered:

• Web Design and Development     

• Web Hosting
• Brand Development              

• Logo Ideation and Design
• Infographics and Social Media      

• PR and Social Media
• Concept Design and Art Direction  

• Event Planning
• Model Management              

• Strategic Development
• Blog Development and Administration
• Animated Films including Motion Graphics and Kinetic Type intros

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